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I’m not dead! I don’t want to go on the cart!!!

May 24, 2011

Yeah, it is still May and I still have time to make a May post! This isn’t it, though. Well, it is a post, but not a longish one. A rambly, unplanned one.

First, I just wanted to let you all hear my contribution to Godless Girl’s little project from earlier this month. I recorded a list of words she made and answered some questions regarding dialect stuff. While I’m very southern it doesn’t make itself known overtly in my accent (though you can hear it a bit if you know what to listen for) and in some of my dialect stuff. You can find it in the comments or just go here.

I have been somewhat MIA from internet stuff this month, avoiding tackling my Google Reader feeds, avoiding being on Twitter and whatnot, but this week I’ve cleared out my feeds, read a bunch of them, and I’ve checked up on this blog of course. I expect to think of something to write about here of substance by the end of the month (less than a week away!). There are a few things tumbling around inside my head right now, so we’ll see what comes out!

So I’m not dead, I got better!

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