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Update on The Clergy Project

September 4, 2011

10/17/2011 Update: Thanks to AKappen for letting me know in the comments below that The Clergy Project is now online! So if you are or have been a member of the clergy and no longer believe in the spiritual and supernatural things the church teaches you should check it out!

I’ve noticed that one of the higher ranking search terms drawing people to my blog, behind the obvious “Secret Atheist” variants and the ever popular “Thomas Jefferson” (still the second most popular search term to bring people here) is “The Clergy Project” which returns a hit based on my linking to Bruce Gerencser’s post about it in his Fallen From Grace blog.

He recently posted a series of answers to questions from his search logs, and mentioned the Clergy Project again:

I need information about the Clergy Project.

It is up and running. Dan Barker sent me an email yesterday and he said the public side of the Clergy Project will be live pretty soon. Stay tuned. I think the Clergy Project has a real opportunity to be a tremendous help to clergy who are considering leaving the ministry or who have already left.

Figured I’d share this here so those who stumble across my blog looking for information on this project can get their answers. :)

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  1. AKappen permalink
    October 13, 2011 2:49 pm

    The public Clergy Project website is now on-line.

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