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2 years of blogging under my belt

October 5, 2012

October again already? This blog is two years old! I had wanted to post once a month, but I’ve missed a few here and there. Oh well. I missed August and then September followed suit, but I haven’t had a lot of stuff related to this blog on my mind that I haven’t already discussed in other posts. I haven’t got a topic this post. I’ve been somewhat lax in following the other atheist blogs (read: I haven’t opened Google Reader in about two months and the thousands of unread posts continue to intimidate me out of doing anything related to that) and I haven’t really read a lot of non-fiction books lately. I did just start Hitch’s final book, Mortality, and am one chapter in.

One thing I’ve managed to keep up with, mostly, is podcasts. I’ve been listening to a few atheist ones as well as some of the public radio shows I love but used to never catch because I wasn’t in the car enough. Currently I’m subscribed to Science Friday, Studio 360, and To the Best of Our Knowledge from the public radio side of things and A Matter of Doubt, The Angry Atheist, Ask An Atheist, The Atheist Experience, Godless Bitches, The Non Prophets, and The Thinking Atheist on the atheist side of things. I continue to suck at Twitter.

Things continue to be hard for me with church, though they have lessened up a little bit now that we are no longer watching David Barton videos on Sunday nights. The pastor does still say some amazingly stupid things in the pulpit, or more often in the smaller Sunday night sessions. Most people seem to believe what he says. I’ve been busy planning next year’s budget and trying to plan for Christmas. I’d put it off because I had hoped I wouldn’t have to plan another Christmas. I put off this past Easter’s early planning for much the same reason. No new leads on the job front lately.

Tonight I’m at my parents’ house overnight, visiting family. Feels like I’m in an even more hostile environment than when I’m at the church. Probably why it almost never fails to prompt me to write a post. I think the last posts I made were from here. In addition to the crazy Christian stuff like young earth creationism that they believe they also buy into a lot of woo medicine. And of course, there is the huge gap in political beliefs between my father and me.

I’ve continued to be active with the local freethought group, and am enjoying that a lot. I’ve not been able to attend as many meetings as I was able to over the summer since the choir rehearsal for the church is on Wednesday nights and I sing with a group in town that rehearses on Mondays. The group here has meetings on one Monday and one Wednesday a month that I greatly enjoyed being a part of over the summer and now I miss. At least there are still two Thursday meetings each month I can be a part of, and I see some of the friends I’ve made in the group a few times a week on top of that. Being around others who don’t buy into this shit continues to keep me sane.

Speaking of the group I sing with… For the most part the things we sing I am fine with. Yes, two of the songs we are performing this year are religious in nature, but they are in Latin and it really doesn’t bother me that much. I adore Baroque choral music and Schütz is no exception in that case. The pieces we’re doing by Brahms are secular. There is one modern piece, written by a local musician, to a text by a local poet in response to the September 11th attacks that is overtly religious, Christian, in nature that just makes me sick to even think about. Aside from the fact that I just do not care for it musically, the text repulses me. It says something along the lines of the fact that there were survivors of the attacks proving god’s kindness… Seems to me it would have much kinder to have prevented the attacks in the first place. (Of course, to some Christians, anything god does is considered “good” regardless of the outcome. If something seems wrong to us it is only because we are seeing things with “earthly” eyes and not through god’s omniscience and all-goodness. The injustices only seem unjust to use because we are not god.

Atheism community related stuff: I got to see both sides of the Chick-fil-a mess in August, with the people at church and many in my family screaming about how terrible it is that this tiny minority of people is stepping all over CFA’s right to free speech, and encouraging everyone to go eat at CFA on that one particular day (if you have the right to be offended over a cookie, we have the right to be offended over a chicken sandwich, btw), and my atheist friends and some of my sane, more liberal Christian friends speaking out against the things CFA supported monetarily. I, predictably, fell into the anti-CFA camp, though I had given up eating there before the information about their “charity” work came out, just based on their public anti-gay stance.

Then there has been the anti-feminist hate going around various atheist circles and the creation of Atheism+, a matter I have mostly avoided while supporting the idea that women (and transgendered, gay, whatever) should be able to live their life free of the threat of rape or being singled out or insulted simply for being what they are. I didn’t agree with those who said it would fracture our “movement” but I didn’t really see a need for myself to get involved in the deal. I think that as a safe haven for those who are bullied elsewhere, the A+ forum is a great thing. I think that if they manage to create a movement that promotes humanism and atheism at the same time then that is great. I just don’t think I need to join their forum (mostly because I can’t even keep up with other forums I’m a member of or my RSS feeds…) right now. I wish such a place wasn’t needed, but I fully understand why it is.

So, there you have a brief update on my life over the past two months. I might have another post in the works soon, inspired by a recent podcast I heard. We shall see.

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  1. October 5, 2012 9:22 pm

    I’d like to blog daily, but I don’t have enough content to even try it.

    I recently read Chris Rodda’s book about “Liars for Jesus,” and i’ve watched a lot of her videos on YouTube, usually dealing with David Barton’s machinations. Dayum, but that boy has more lies than Carter has little pills.

    As to Atheism+, I wrote my last blog on it and have been thinking about an update. I’ve watched every video I could find on it and I think it’s fair to say that it will die a messy death and anyone who was associated with it will regret it, if they aren’t already regretting it. Matt Dillahunty is busy making apologetic videos about it while they’re busily banning him from the A+ site because they claim he’s done damage to their movement. It’s thinly disguised feminism with other causes as camouflage in an attempt to make it look as if it isn’t feminism. And it isn’t the good kind of feminism.

    Some of my favorite music is Tomb Raider music.

    if you’ve stopped laughing, consider: they’ve used a symphonic orchestra since the first game all those years ago – back in the days of DOS. There are also fans who make music as a tribute to the game, and of course there is the music from the movies. I didn’t much care for the first movie, but there’s a cut on the second one called “Pandora’s Box” that’s really nice.

    Although the music isn’t available on iTunes or in stores, you can download entire game soundtracks from various Tomb Raider sites. It can be difficult to find the good bits because some of it is just background noise. A number of years ago, i actually put some of the music onto CDs and gave them away as presents. You can find a lot of it on YouTube – just search for tomb raider music.

    FWIW, i have wide musical tastes which include classical, pop, bluegrass, movies and teevee, classical guitar, and even atheist music.

    • October 5, 2012 11:47 pm

      I would never knock video game music. There has been a longstanding tradition of some very good music in video games. It might have been written off in the early years due to the inability of the hardware to reproduce music as anything other than blips and beeps (though some game composers worked with those limitations very well), but some of my favorite music is from the SNES era RPGS like FF VII and, especially, Chrono Trigger.

      These days it is even better since the original game soundtracks are realized fully in the game and not just in the composer’s head and in fan tributes. Also, with the ease of making home recordings and posting them to YouTube some amazingly well-done fan performances/arrangements exist, and there is some excellent collaborative work being done between some of them now.

      As to David Barton’s lies: It is my hope that the debacle with his most recent books will show some of the Christian folk who might have bought into his lies with a bit less enthusiasm than the people like my pastor what he truly is. It probably won’t convince people like my pastor, but maybe it’ll make some of them less willing to use his materials in the future. I can only hope.

      • October 7, 2012 12:08 pm

        Some of the movie themes I like are cuts from Prince of Persia, which seems to be similar to the game, though I’ve never played it; Stargate theme; the Starman end titles, and things like that. i like pretty stuff. :-)

        I thought it was delicious when Barton’s Christian publisher pulled his new book because of inaccuracies.

  2. October 6, 2012 4:46 pm

    thanks for the update, you were actually one of the first few blogs I started to follow

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